The Pebble

There is an ancient story that talks about the world being changed by the wings of a butterfly flapping or a pebble being dropped into a lake. Abigail is God’s pebble on this earth…

Her life has been less than three weeks but we can already see that her impact is great. People ask us “how do you do this”, “there’s no way we could make it through this situation”, I don’t believe that for a second. We are ordinary people, that love God. Our love hasn’t always been perfect, our hearts aren’t always pure but through this experience one thing has become crystal clear to us. God is grace, mercy and love. We haven’t asked for it, expected it or strived after it. It has always been there, at the same overwhelming level, but we were so shut off to it that we didn’t realize it. Those three things have been the only constants throughout this entire situation. Some people may wonder how we can have that perspective when our daughter has an inoperable brain tumor that will kill her. Very simply. We believe (and if you would like to further discuss this please message me and we can set up a time to talk) that God has a plan for every person on this earth. We are all created for a reason, not just to exist or live the 60-100 years on this earth. God has purposed all of us to be His reflection on this earth. In being that reflection, bringing people to Him that so they wont experience an eternity away from Him. Abigail has that same purpose. How God will use us to fulfill that purpose is not up to us. We are called to be obedient to the path placed before us for our lives. We have been placed in this situation for a reason and that reason is to steward Abigail while she is creating waves on this earth. She is God’s child, just as we are. He has entrusted us with her care, life and development of her soul.

You may laugh and scoff at that statement, as being a coping mechanism and using religion to cover up that pain of this tragedy. My response would be one of sadness, for you. If you haven’t felt the love of Christ as we have I understand that you would be skeptical. But once you know Him, you are forever changed. Are we sad, extremely. Does this hurt like nothing else that we have ever experienced, yes. But we have joy. A never ending joy. A joy because she wasn’t supposed to live this long and she has. We wanted moments and have gotten weeks. I can tell you my daughters mannerisms, faces and temperament. Things that I will remember forever, whether she lives to eight weeks or eighty years. Those moments I will always been thankful for.

Tragedy is a difficult thing. I have thought a lot about death lately. We get so focused on what could happen and not the present. People feel sad for us because we are going to lose our daughter but they don’t think about the people today that lost someone tragically. 80 people per day are killed in a car crash. Think of how many of those people are mothers, fathers, children. You always hear, “If only I knew, I would have done this or that with them…” Thankfully we do know! We have allowing this circumstance to change us into a family that lives in the moment. A moment of spontaneous dance party with Audrey, running through the rain, crying when sadness hits, or stopping to say “I love you.”

God’s little pebble is changing us in more ways than we could have ever imagined…


2 thoughts on “The Pebble

  1. Dear Jones Family,
    I saw your story on Fox 17 my local news Facebook page. I immediately prayed for your family and your daughter and then I Thanked God for putting your story in my path. I pray every day that somehow people will see him through me. I saw God through your story but most importantly through that baby girls eyes. I will continue to pray for your family and I pray so many see God through your Family and Through that Sweet Baby Girl. We all need to learn to dance in the rain and stop to smell the roses.
    In continued Prayer
    Dawn Hoskins


    1. Dawn,

      Your prayers are very much appreciated and needed. We have been so overwhelmed by the church (community of believers living on the Godly mission) around the world and the prayers are having a huge impact on our family. I have also seen God’s love through the eyes of Abigail, there is something special about them…it is the purest form of love that I have ever seen.



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