The Will of God

This is something that a lot of people have talked with us about lately. First off, God did not give this tumor to Abigail. We live in a fallen sinful world because of the original sin of Adam. Let’s make that clear. God did not give this tumor to Abigail. (If you want to discuss that further please message me)

“It is God’s will for Abigail to be healed. His will on earth as it is in Heaven…”

That could or couldn’t be true. Many people associate God with healing, especially of a defenseless child. They put their belief in the outcome rather than the Creator. When we correlate the sovereignty of God with the outcomes we want, God is now our vending machine. We want Him to do this and that in our lives. Weather that is to fix your marriage, get a promotion or heal a brain tumor in a child. In God’s eyes all of those things are the same. We make them different. He is able to fix every one of those situation in a breath, a whisper or a moment. He is able to do all of them without issue. When we pray just for healing we are limiting who we believe God to be and once again you are tying your belief in God to the selfish outcomes that you want. God doesn’t work that way and if you want God to work that way, go find another God. Contrary to the modern American Christian belief God will not always make your life easy or happy. He will not bless your because you’re a good and happy person that goes to church every week and has perfect hair, smile and family. If that is what you believe, I don’t know what God you are following but it’s not the God of the Bible. God’s will for you is not to have a 4/2 in suburbia with three kids a dog, suv and a smooth easy life. Once again, not the God of the Bible or Christianity.

God’s will is for all humanity to be connected to Him. When you truly confess that He is your Lord and Savior, you are His. You have given up your right to have whatever life you wanted. Many people don’t realize this when they first come into relationship with Christ within modern American Christianity. God purchased you with His son. Let that sink in…your soul was owned the devil. God purchased you with the life of His son. Plain and simple. When you truly open your heart to Him, you are now His property. Now some people might not like that terminology. I could water it down for you to make you feel better about yourself, but I won’t. Why? Because being property of God is better that all the “freedom” and riches in the world, combined. He loves is a never ending ocean of peace, joy and mercy. His path is straight and true. His thoughts for you are more than could ever been numbered. All He ever wants for you is the best.

“Wait, how can you say that God wants to best for you when you daughter has a brain tumor?”

Easily. I understand that my life or Abigail’s is not limited to this world. She is not here just for my enjoyment. She is God’s child first, mine second. The game of life doesn’t last for 80 years. The game of life is an eternity, that’s what God has us playing for. His will is for all souls to be in relationship with Him. As His child, Abigail is helping that cause. Because God’s will is to have everyone come into relationship with Him, and He is omniscient, which allows for Him to use us the best way He sees fit to bring all into relationship with Him. We have to have faith in His plan and if Abigail saves on soul from Hell, her life is worth it. I believe that to be true for all believers in Christ. His life was the greatest expression of love, peace and joy in human history. Yet is was riddled pain, suffering, and sacrifice to the point of death. Are you greater than Christ?

We pray for Abigail to be healed each and every day. That is the easy prayer. God can heal. Plain and simple. The more difficult prayer is that we ask for grace and understanding in the midst of this difficult situation, trusting that God has a plan. We will not twist God’s arm into healing her, if it isn’t a part of His eternal plan. I want my daughter to live. I couldn’t imagine her not being with us, but I know God has a plan that is greater than what I see and the pain we will walk through. His ocean of love is big enough to cover our pain…


5 thoughts on “The Will of God

  1. Wow, what a stunning and well worded explanation of a life long question I have always had. I’ve never heard it put so simply. Thank you for that! You are so courageous! I’m praying for ya’ll. (I’m a friend of Katie White).


  2. I just want to tell you thank you. I can’t begin to understand what you are going through, but you have reached me through the words you have written. Well said my dear friend. You won’t hear any criticism from me only love, respect and tons of prayers. Our Josh up went to be with Jesus 40 years ago. I have never heard the reason why, and many have tried to tell me why. I just love them and move on. I know their intentions are good, but one day I will be able to be with him again and the why won’t matter.
    Your sweet Abbey has already reached so many. I’m sure after hearing and seeing your story you will hear how it touched and drew others to him, and or saved the lives of other babies by moms who heard this just in time to stop from making a mistake.
    Nothing but love to all of you.


  3. Agree so completely, Erika. When People told me they were believing for a miracle for us I’d think “but we already have a miracle – he is already a miracle.” And Abigail is a miracle – an eternal soul, perfect in every way. This situation is, no doubt, hard to say the least, but what an amazing, awesome overwhelming expression of what this life is supposed to be all about – His love. Agape love. So powerful.


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