Prayer Works


First image is Abigail’s MRI at birth, 8/6/15. Second image is yesterday’s MRI, 9/16/15. Marked difference!! See more brain less tumor? The power of prayer!

Abigail’s MRI was yesterday and we’ve been anxiously awaiting the results. What we see in her does not match what her last MRI showed. And we’ve had a hunch that her head is actually getting smaller, her sutures are closing, and her soft spot is coming together. So we’ve been wondering what the heck is going on in there.

The answer is…we have no idea. We met with our neurosurgeon here who is completely baffled. Comparing the two MRIs, from birth and yesterday, the images are definitely different. Basically, she cautiously told us things look better. It is still incredibly big, but slightly less enormous. The bleeding is less, the cystic areas are slightly smaller, the pressure in the brain has gone down. She even went as far as to question whether this is even a tumor in the first place. Whattt???!!!

Next, we talked to the pediatric neurosurgeon in Boston. He is the chief of pediatric neurosurgery at Boston’s Children’s Hospital, a professor at Harvard Medical, and one of the best, if not the best, in the nation. He took Abigail’s scans to the rest of his team, the chief of neuro radiology, and the chief of neuro oncology for review this morning in their conference. They also believe the scans are markedly different, things have changed. They all believe that this is definitely a tumor, but may NOT be an aggressive, malignant tumor as originally thought. He thinks it is possible that this could be a low grade tumor that looks like something worse. He believes the next steps are biopsy, determine whether it is the aggressive malignant tumor originally thought, if not then resect as much as they possibly can. If it is a nasty cancer, he probably would not risk the resection.

Oh. My. God. Literally. Oh my God!!!! What is happening?!! This has to be all you! We have done nothing! You and Abigail have your own thing going on. Confusing all our doctors. Baffling the experts. I love it. Keep doing it! “I have no idea what’s going on” is much better than “You need to be prepared that your daughter is going to die”. We are shocked. And joyful. And terrified. All while praising God!! A huge spark of hope has been lit and we are now on the offense, ready to fight this thing.

We realize that she still has a one in a million chance of survival. And if this doesn’t end in her graduating high school, we still praise God. We still know He’s here. Even if we lose her. Even if that tumor is the aggressive, cancerous monster they thought it was originally. Even if we lose her in the worst way possible. God is still God and He is still so good. He has given us a beam of hope. He has given us a clear indication to do something in terms of treatment. Wow, has He ever. I just feel like He yelled at me (in a nice way) through that MRI image, “oh you of little faith! Why did you doubt me!?”

We are going to need constant reminding over the next weeks, months, and years. We are planning to go to Boston as early as next week to have a craniotomy done to biopsy and possibly resect the tumor. This is not an easy surgery, and especially hard for a tiny baby. We can’t even fathom putting Abigail through this. But we have to, it’s her only shot. And we feel God is entrusting these doctors with her care. So here we go. Please pray for Abigail and our family, especially big sister Audrey. This journey we are about to embark on is going to be incredibly difficult. Our daughter has to have major brain surgery, in a city that’s far away from home. Our family will be separated for awhile. We are scared. But we are hopeful. We have put on the armor of Christ and we are ready to fight. And shine the love of Christ to everyone we meet along the way. Miss Abigail is going to keep making waves. Her story is going to keep touching hearts and pointing people to Jesus.

Suck it “inoperable” tumor!


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